• Management control

    Track activity when you are on the road.

    View the latest activities and staff login events.

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  • Productivity software

    All-in-one web based solution.

    For financial service providers and any business operation
    wanting to work smarter and process driven.

eFFiciencyHUB has an all-in-one office productivity solution specifically designed for SME/SMBs. It uses cutting edge technology to lighten the load in the office and help you stay in control of what is happening.

FspHUB, for Financial Service Providers, provides an office productivity solution customized for all disciplines. Yet flexible enough to reflect your unique way of doing business.

BiznizHUB, for other business owners and professionals, provides you with the same ability to make your office ultra efficient.

Do all your work in one place, online. Increase your sales with the client relationship management (CRM) component, and streamline your office activities to easily cope with the extra business.

Task Driven Workflow

Your task is at the center of the action. Design business processes to satisfy your unique requirements.

Smart* Communication

* your communications are automatically linked in the system, saving you time.

Document Storage

Running out of filing cabinets? We've got your electronic document storage covered.

Task Timer

Automatically keep track of how long a task takes to complete.

Reports and Data Exports

Using powerful searches and CSV exports you are able to manipulate data for your own specific needs.

Build your own forms

Design your own forms and plug them into your business processes.

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